Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Birman?
The Birman is a strikingly beautiful cat with colour-pointed pattern, white feet and semi-longhaired coat. It comes with an enchanting legend, and origins tinged with mystery. Its sweet, affectionate personality makes it the perfect companion cat. Its popularity with pet owners and acceptance by judges on the show bench improves continually. The breed is sturdy, but with an ethereal beauty than captivates the heart...
A Birman is a natural breed but is often confused, in name, with the short haired breed Burmese. This colour pattern of a Birman is sometimes mistaken as a long haired Siamese or Himalayan Persian.

What Grooming is Required?
The coat is angora, having no undercoat. The fur is silky and long. The coat does not knot and only requires grooming once weekly with powder and a brush. No combing is necessary. Brushing from the tail to the head brings the coat up. After grooming the coat lies smooth and flowing except for the ruff around the neck which stands out when in full winter coat. Like modern day fabrics the Birman is an easy care product.

Do Birmans Enjoy Good Health?
Birmans are basically healthy, hardy, long-lived cats. The foundation pair of cats to come to Australia lived to the impressive age of 18 years. Perhaps their eating habits influence this. They are not finicky eaters, enjoying a wide variety of food so long as they were introduced to it as kittens. These cats simply do not over eat, and one can free feed, with food out at all times, without concern for over indulgence.

When are Birmans Available?
In colder climates Birmans do not breed through the winter months. Metinka Cattery allows the pickup of new kittens after twelve weeks of age and their first two vaccinations and desexing. At the age of sixteen weeks, kittens have had all the basic vaccinations, and developed the physical and social stability to adjust to a new environment. Four months is the minimum age for transportation by air.

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