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We will have kittens available in mid May 2016.

Merrimac, Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

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Welcome to the Metinka web site. Metinka is owned by Judy Lewis a breeder of Birman cats, the sacred temple cats of Burma. The Metinka prefix has appeared on many champion cats. Birmans are highly intelligent, extremely independent, usually inquisitive, and a breed that holds a special place in the hearts of many families and owners. In this site you'll find the history of Birman cats and history of the Maine Coon, notes on what it's like to live with Birmans and to live with Maine Coons a Frequently Asked Questions page, a Birman Gallery and a Maine Coon Gallery, and links to other interesting sites.

Judy Lewis started Metinka Cattery in 1963. Initially she breed Siamese and Persians pedigree cats. In 1967, Judy was closely involved in the initial introduction of Birman cats into Australia. Judy became a long haired judge in NSW in 1974. She then progressed to all breeds in 1990 and has judged all around Australia, New Zealand, England and Singapore. Judy is a patron of various Birman clubs in Australia.



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